Kyle finally got the episode up with a cool surprise!


This week Kyle and Tim dust off a couple of Shot on Video gems from the old mom and pop video stores.  And those 2 flicks are VIDEO VIOLENCE 1 and 2.  And we also tackle your listener questions and go over what we’ve been watching lately.  NOTE: Kyle is an internet dummy and lost his review of whatever flick he was watching for the week, BUT, in his searching he found our long lost CRITTERS RETROSPECTIVE.  So come back in a few days and it will be posted.

episode 146


We are back with episode 118 where we tackle two cool flicks!


This week we hit it hard straight outta the gate with 2 awesome movies Splatter Farm, and Sam Raimi’s return to horror in Drag Me to Hell.  Also, Tim sticks up for the Sid Haig movie Creature, Do we love, or hate Shot on video horror, Hipsters and their sketchy facial hair, Tim’s one time fandom of NASCAR???  What Kyle used to do on weekends in high school, Demolition Derby, Kyle’s internet gets blown up due to Game of Thrones, and intrusive ad’s, Weird Conspiracies, Movies we have never checked out,… and never want to, How awesome Hollywood Squares was in 1983, Chupacabras… and so much more.  So check it out.