The next Grossfest announcement


For our next announcement is possibly one of the most interesting independent filmmakers I have had the pleasure of meeting and his work is amazing. This person dabbles in all phases of filmmaking and has directed over 25 movies so far. This filmmaker has made a holiday film “Easter Casket” to something completely unusual in “Her Name Was Torment 1 and 2” to one of my favorite independent horror films of all time in “The Puppet Monster Massacre”. He is currently working on the film “Slaughterhouse Slumber Party”. It absolutely makes me ecstatic to introduce yinz to a multi-talented filmmaker in Dustin Wayde Mills!


Dustin Wayde Mills latest masterpiece, The Ballad of Skinless Pete


Friday, October 25, 2013.



Dustin Wayde Mills latest masterpiece, The Ballad of Skinless Pete, makes its World Premiere on Indie Horror TV! 10pm EST on Friday October 25th!


Come watch the film, participate in the chat and be one of the first to witness the spectacle of Peter Peel!


Here’s where to go to watch:


Pick up your own copy on DVD or Blu Ray at:





Easter Casket


Puppet Monster MassacreDustin