Episode 157 is available my horror fiends


episode 157


This week Kyle and Tim talk about what happens when you put Lyle Alzado in a slasher movie with Anthony Perkins in 1988’s THE DESTROYER. And Kyle watches Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut in PLAY MISTY FOR ME.  Also we contemplate the YouTube fascination of pimple popping videos, Kyle falls into a wormhole of old-school VHS artwork,  Gene Gene the Dancin’ machine,  Newly released DVD’s, Fan questions, and finally We recast the best movie ever FLASH GORDON!




A fan of the show from overseas joins us for Episode 124


This week Tim and Kyle welcome from the WHO FILMED THIS SHIT podcast and fan of the show James Cox.  We get into news about the new Shane Black directed sequel/reboot of the Predator films.  How Legos could possibly get you blowjobs. How the entirety of planet Earth could possibly hate an Antonio Banderas Viking flick. What you should and should not do after the oil wars of 1999.  Eastwood’s Play Misty for Me, and we also take a look at Blood Salvage, The 13th Warrior, and BATTLETRUCK!  



episode 124