Episode 120 we invite T-shirt Joe back so we can be all over the map of filmland!


This week T-Shirt Joe comes back to the show to tell us about Racism on Star Trek.  Along the way we talk about how Richard Pryor should have killed superman.  Zombie STD’s,  How awesome Hannibal the T.V. series has been, Juggalo’s being sighted in Kyle’s neighborhood, John Carpenter’s appearance on the El Ray network,  Liam Neeson: THROATPUNCHER!  We also got Arthurian Knights in EXCALIBUR.  Robot teachers in CLASS OF 1999 and Class of 1999 part 2: the substitute.  And a northwestern Amish like slasher in AMERICAN GOTHIC.  So download and enjoy, or Rod Steiger might sell his soul to SATAN!!!


episode 120