October 29th, 2022, Saturday, 11-4pm

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave.

Castle Shannon, PA 15234

Back Parking lot

Grossfest-o-ween is coming!

Yes Grossfest fans, we are doing one more outdoor event. The last had a tornado warning and downpours of rain, but that didn’t stop all of us (guests, vendors, and attendees) from having fun at Willow Station Restaurant and Bar in Castle Shannon, Pa. Hell Grossfest fans, let’s see if it snows this time? On Saturday, October 29th, 2022, from 11 to 4, we will be celebrating Halloween with Willow Station. We also have two guests lined up for our free show which will be announced in the next week. Look, we know Grossfest is something yinz all want to happen and so do we. Pandemic, government blows ass, people with no jobs, gas prices, everyone has lost their mind, take your pick of the many things that is killing off conventions right now? In this area it takes $10,000 to put on a one day show and none of us have that right now. We live in reality and knowing what we did before the pandemic and what we have tried since, people still want Grossfest to exist and to keep supporting all the independent filmmakers, authors, and artists! Grossfest is not part of the cool kids’ community, Grossfest is a show for the independent filmmakers, authors, and artists trying to survive in a crowd of autograph shows that may have forgot what made those shows once fun. The goals of Grossfest will always be to support the independent community and have fun for all doing it because remember it started off as a joke. Again folks the show is free to attend! But like before we just ask for all yinz to go inside and visit the nice folks (Sean, Kim, and Dom) of Willow Station Restaurant and Bar and show your support by buying a pop, a beer, lunch, etc. This helps show these nice folks that you are happy they allowed us to use their parking lot for Grossfest!

First Vendor info:

Vendors: Same rules… Bring your own canopy tent, chairs, and table for your space. (We are not supplying them) Spaces are only $25 again! Please contact for a vendor application and you can make payment through PayPal, cash, or send us a check. If needed contact Tom Gross through Facebook or find the link through The signed contract will be needed before the show. Set up will be from 9 to 11 for vendors!

Now for the guest announcement:

This guest has been nothing but busy the past couple years since she has busted on the independent movie scene with the critically acclaimed “Spirit Animal”! Since then she has done a short that is about to be released on an anthology called, “Trash Removal”, help host a funny and smart podcast called, “The Shitty Shark Show”, worked on another critically acclaimed Indy project “Beyond Dark Dreams” and now has set her sights even higher with her latest project “Bathtub Shark Attack”, please welcome Maddie Deering as a guest for Grossfest-o-ween.

This multi-talented person literally needs no introduction but gonna give one anyway because he has been nothing but brilliant in front and behind the camera. Actor, director, writer, content creator for and, has made one of the most unusual but one of the best independent films ever in “CarousHell”, but lastly and most importantly is a Grossfest award winner we like to welcome once again Steve Rudzinski. (If we are lucky his super talented wife Tracy will be there also to attend?)


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