John Portanova joins us for Episode 130!

This week we bring back one of our favorite guests John Portanova.  And he is bringing with him a masterpiece in the odd and bizarre HAUSU from Japan.  Tim talks the feminist slasher THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, and Kyle is talking about the number one library rental of all time THE GOLDEN CHILD.  Also we chat it up about all things Sasquatch and Sasquatch related including his one and only weakness.  Richard Nixon’s shenanigans.   Kyle meets Joe Bob Briggs and sees some truly classic flicks at the theater. Kinda?  And we have a report from the road with Kyle and Profondo Cinema’s J. Scott at the B Movie Celebration in Nashville Indiana.  So check it out and please… GIVE US THE KNIFE…. PLEEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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