Episode 163 we do a commentary for unnatural reasons


This week Kyle was injured in a life or death battle with an Evil Dead tree and jacked up his cyanic nerve in his back.  Long story short he can’t sit for too long so instead of doing a normal show we decided to give you a fan commentary for one of the best semi crashing’, electric knife slashing’, bazooka shootin’, pop machine murderin’, steamrolling’, kid killin’, monster truck jammie jam of all time!!!  MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!! So check it out.  Sponsored in part by the fine folks of Miller Brewing Company, Happy Toyz INC. and the fine folks of The Dixie Boy Truck Stop.




It made Kyle: depressed, almost gag, and hate certain movie characters… A must listen!


Kyle has never seen the granddaddy of the cannibal/exploitation/Italian gore genre.  So Tim and Rodrigo Quast are gonna pop his cherry.  And all of it was caught on tape. Unfortunately, shortly after this recording all involved disappeared. The tape was found by the ghost of Gregory Hines and mailed back to podcast headquarters.  It is only now that we can present it to you in its unedited glory.  




cannibal holocaust