From Bloodbaths and Boomsticks

Santa Bloodbaths


This year was pretty awesome. I want to say thanks and merry christmas to all the people who guest hosted and the fine folks we had the great opportunity to interview. That includes Jon Cross, Joe Garcia, Mike Haushalter, Josh Teeter, John Portanova, Steve Benningfield, Rodrigo Quast, Daniel Boyd, El DeBarge, Axl Kay, Moe Porne, Parker Bowman, Craig Everett Earl. Thanks to Ed Quillin for drawing some awesome stuff for us and the site. Al Magliochetti, And Anthony J Valbiro, Todd Jason Falcon Cook, and Jeff Burr for doing some great interviews with us. Thanks to all the people who wrote in and thanks for listening. And last but not least Thanks to Tim Gross for talking a bunch of poop every weekend. we will keep doing this for the next year, unless Tim dies when his bookshelf full of Full Moon flicks falls on him and he dies.

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