Drive-In Horrorshow Comic Book to be released online!



The Drive-In Horrorshow comic book will be released one page at a time, every week, starting on 10/18/13

About the Comic Book

The Drive-In Horrorshow comic book, which is currently available in print, spawned from the Drive-In Horrorshow film. The Drive-In Horrorshow film is a feature-length anthology movie comprised of five stories in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, and it has received great press and is currently available for purchase, rental, and VOD through Midnight Releasing.

The comic book takes place in the same world as the film, but tells a separate story called “The Good Luck Charm”. When a desperate man loans a family heirloom to an antique store, one of the store owners tries to take it for himself. But he soon realizes that greed comes with a price…and he might not live to reap his reward. Filled with blood, guts, and tension, this story is not for the faint of heart.

The comic book will be released one page at a time, starting on October 18th 2013 and finishing in October 2014. Each page will be accompanied by a blog written by one of the comic’s four creators: Michael Neel, the film’s director; Greg Ansin, the film’s producer; Jerem Morrow, the comic’s Illustrator and adapter; and Shi Blank, the comic’s colorist and graphics creator.
Quotes about the comic book:

“If you like Tales from the Crypt comic books, the Drive-In Horrorshow is where it’s at.”
-Arrow in the Head

“9 eyeball poppers out of 10”
-Comics Forge

“If you are a fan of horror comics or even just excellent artwork, you really need to give this one your attention.”

“It’s like watching another part of their film in comic book fashion. I give the comic book 4 out of 4 stars and believe it will have horror fans screamin for more!”
-Bastards of Horror

“Reminds fans of the childlike wonderment of reading a good comic.”

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