The Graveyard Feeder’s Rich Robinson Begins Early Production on the Undead, Short Film “Lynchfield”

Hello Trick ‘r Treaters,

Writer and special effects supervisor Tim Allison has partnered with Rich Robinson (“The Graveyard Feeder”) to produce a short zombie styled film, called “Lynchfield.” Allison has already developed a series of webisodes for “Lynchfield,” which will be used to create a short film set in the same cinemascape. More details on the upcoming short film are hosted below:




“When There’s No More Room in Hell…You Still Have to Pay the Bills.”


Director Rich Robinson (The Graveyard Feeder) has started pre-production on the horror short “Lynchfield.” Writer/Creator Tim Allison has already developed a series of webisodes for “Lynchfield,” titled “The Lynchfield Stops” and the short film will continue the story of The Driver (Tim Allison), a delivery truck driver moving parcels in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Allison has recently started a crowdfunding campaign for “Lynchfield” and horror fans can preview the film’s launch here.


The story for “Lynchfield” begins with Hell on Earth and a zombie apocalypse. Even in a ZA, the bills have to be paid. This is one of the challenges for The Driver, who must also outmanoeuvre and plow through the undead, to reach his delivery destinations. Along the way, The Driver encounters the citizens of Lynchfield, who are still going about their business, in the middle of a global catastrophe. One part Clerks (1994) and one part Dawn of the Dead (2004), horror fans can watch the main character as he delivers packages and death one machete stroke at a time!


Readers are encouraged to have a look at the early production material for “Lynchfield.” Several webisodes are available for the upcoming film. As well, film fans can support Allison’s upcoming short film by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign for “Lynchfield,” at the link below.


Director/SPFX Supervisor: Tim Allison.


Writer/producer: Greg Weslowski.


Director of Photography: Chris Fiore.


Cast: Shane Pack, Nate Brown, Brian Reynolds, Steven Edsall, John Kish, Luke McKain, Julian Kish, Courtney “Bonesaw” Hindsley, Brian Brock, Lynn Radok and Chris (AKA) Dean Winchester.


The film’s teaser is here:


The Indiegogo campaign is available here:


Horror fans can watch the eleven webisodes titled “The Lynchfield Stops” here:


Thanks for you support,

Tim Allison

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