Sharkey Video announces the re-release of the 2005 underwater thriller Deep Undead

Sharkey Video announces the re-release of the 2005 underwater thriller Deep Undead in an all new remastered version with new scenes. The movie stars

Pamela Sutch as an investigative reporter who enlists the help of a commercial dive team to unravel the mystery surrounding a small coastal community’s nuclear

power plant. After two divers go missing, foul play is suspected, but there may be otherworldly forces at work. This is a throwback to classic science fiction / horror movies with a twist.


Filmed originally over a 5 year span, Deep Undead was Sharkey Video’s biggest and final feature when it was completed in 2005. However, it never got an official release or distribution. Now director / producer Dave Castiglione was able to add  some missing scenes and a new backstory to the movie as well as restore most of the original footage from the earlier version.


Saturn’s Core Audio & Video and Ross Snyder recently re-released a few of Sharkey’s other titles in a limited VHS engagement. Both Saturn’s Core and Sharkey have plans to reach a wider audience and with distribution for the new version of the movie.


Deep Undead also stars David Maul, Vince Butler, Marian Lane, Dawn Murphy,

Osman Karriem, Allen Richards, Debbie D, Laura Giglio, and a large supporting cast of talented actors and scuba divers. The new version also features a completely new soundtrack professionally scored by Matt Cannon.

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