FROM DUSK TILL CON To Launch “The FDTC Network”, April 4th, 2014

From Dusk till Con


March, 21st, 2014

FROM DUSK TILL CON To Launch “The FDTC Network”, April 4th, 2014


After a hiatus of over a year, FROM DUSK TILL CON is announcing its relaunch and return to the world of “cons, creeps, and culture.”


Originally launched in October of 2009, FROM DUSK TILL CON quickly grew into one of the largest internet communities for all things horror and convention related, in the process becoming one of the most important hubs of information the subculture has ever seen. The original site featured film and convention reviews, news, celebrity interviews, spotlights on independent films, and hard hitting opinion editorials which helped shaped the climate of the horror convention scene over the past five years.


In late 2012, FROM DUSK TILL CON was thought to be put on a temporary hiatus as its founders, Adolfo G. Dorta and Rick Lara, decided to focus their attention on the every growing DAYS OF THE DEAD convention – the critically acclaimed event, which they co-founded with Re-Evolution Management head, Bill Philputt, presently occurs yearly in four cities nationwide and is considered one of the best in the country. But it appears such thoughts were wrong…


“This relaunch has been in the works for quite some time,” states co-founder, Adolfo G. Dorta. “Many folks may have thought FDTC was over, but we’ve been playing with new technology throughout much of our down period, working towards a major revamp to once again make FDTC the definitive site for all things con, creeps, and culture. As many already know, Mike Exler and Drew Seidler (of East Coast Horror Group) have been operating FROM DUSK TILL CON Radio for almost two years, and that has secretly been at the core of what would become the FROM DUSK TILL CON Network.”


The relaunch will be a stark contrast from the previous incarnation of FDTC. Rather than being a strictly written article site, The FROM DUSK TILL CON Network will be a full on multimedia experience and will include internet radio, video programming, and even independent films on demand (courtesy of JABB Pictures). Set to launch on APRIL 4th, 2014, the network will debut with 8 hours of streaming content daily. Over a dozen unique weekly shows are planned for the debut, with nearly 20 of the scene’s most notable names joining together to provide content. Within two months of being unleashed on the world, The FDTC Network aims to run a full 24 hours a day, expanding to over 28 shows.


“The FDTC Network will once again change the game in the same way FDTC did back when it originally launched and will undoubtedly set the bar for how media coverage of our culture is viewed. We’re excited to be creating a new standard.”


The FROM DUSK TILL CON Network will launch Friday, April 4th, at

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