Coming soon… Entombed

Plot: “In the near future civilization has collapsed, and Seamus is on a desperate run. Dangers loom everywhere. By accident, he comes across a subterranean shelter and decides to entrench himself there. He is however not alone. Konrad and his wife Mila, who is in a coma, also hide in there. But things are not the way they appear to be. Gradually it turns out that life in the underground shelter may be even more dangerous than that on the surface.”

Trailer for Entombed:

Status on the project:

Entombed is currently in distribution through Bayview Entertainment, and is available on Amazon Prime in USA, Canada, England, Germany and Austria. It is also available on DVD in USA and Canada. It is available world-wide on Vimeo-on-Demand. It will soon be available for streaming at FlickVault, Flock Media, Tubi, Overdrive.

Review from “Indie Film Review” (podcast):
Entombed was produced on a budget of 5000 USD, and shot in 14 days.

Please let me know if you would be interested in doing a review of Entombed.

All the best,

Kjell Hammerø
writer / director / co-producer “Entombed”

Awards and nominations so far for “Entombed”:
Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival:
Best Actor – Winner
Best Feature Film – Nominee

Chicago Horror Film Festival:
Best Actor – Nominee

Frostbite International Film Festival:
Best Feature Film – Nominee

Sweden Film Awards:
Best Feature Film – Winner
Best Director – Winner
Best Cinematography – Winner
Best Actor – Winner

The Lift-Off Sessions:
Best Film – Winner

World Premiere Film Awards:
Best Drama, Feature – Winner
Best Horror/Thriller, Feature – Winner

Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival:
Best Thriller – Nominee

South Shore Film Festival:
Best Feature – Winner
Best Overall Makeup – Winner

Social Distance Film Festival:
Best Feature Film – Winner
Best Director Feature Film – Winner
Best Actor Feature Film – Winner
Best Cinematography Feature Film – Winner

Should have a review up here next week

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