Grossfest had to cancel! Out of our control

Yesterday I was filled with hope that we would be able to have Grossfest. But with great displeasure, regret, and sadness we are canceling Grossfest 2020. With the new mandates just handed down by the governor of Pa. we cannot go on and have the event we want to have. From the beginning of Grossfest a couple years ago yinz know we would always be upfront about everything we do and this is no different. We tried our asses off and the virus won. Whether you agreed or disagreed with what we were trying to do this year we gave it our all. First and foremost we thank the fans of the convention, vendors, guests, and future fans of Grossfest for supporting us. Second, The George Washington Hotel and staff kicks fucking ass! They went to great lengths to help this event happen with every phase the state had mandated from the beginning. So please support The George Washington Hotel anyway you can in the future.  Third, Tom Gross, Jen Bootleg Gross, Tammy Main, and Terrence Main all worked their asses off to help put together something different for independent film fans. The hours we put in were a lot more than the past two shows we put together. Grossfest will always strive to be different and support independent cinema in the future… Now saying that remember be nice and respectful to your fellow human, wear a mask, and don’t forget we will see yinz July 24th & 25th, 2021 when Grossfest Returns!


P.S. not saying but just sayin there might be something Gross going on outdoors July 25th evening… Heard something from a friend?

Also in the meantime please support all who were going to be vendors at Grossfest the next couple weeks. Even if you can’t purchase anything let them know you care because Grossfest may have been their last chance this year to show off their talented work (links below):

2 thoughts on “Grossfest had to cancel! Out of our control

  1. This sadness me, I was looking forward to the year 2020 and attending Grossfest, The Riverrun Film Festival, Halloween Horror Nights, and others. I made my list of Conventions and Festivals that I wanted to attend this year let’s just say THANK YOU CORONA VIRUS for ruining 2020 for us! On my list pretty much of everything is stamped canceled (in red) with no videos/ pictures on Social Media. I have not done one thing this year still under (house arrest) and going insane! I’m a very social person that loves Horror.

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