Infinte SantaBurnt Reindeer Films announces The Infinite Santa 8000 Holiday FEAR Giveaway just in time for the holiday season.


The contest, which will run through December 3rd, allows fans a chance to win limited edition prizes that will only be available through the contest.

Here is the list of prizes:

  • The top three winners will get a limited edition VHS Package!  This detailed, limited run collectible looks just like it came from the video store shelves – down to the weathered artwork, old-school design and rental stickers.  But you won’t find a videotape inside – it’s full of trading cards, a zombie figurine, and loads of Infinite Santa 8000 surprises!


  • The top three winners will also get DVD of the first 6 webisodes of Infinite Santa 8000 and a Christmas card from Infinite Santa himself!


  • 12 lucky entrants will get a copy of the DVD and a Christmas card from Santa!


You can enter at until December 3rd.  To enter you MUST be a subscriber to the Infinite Santa 8000 YouTube channel.  You can only follow and subscribe to Infinite Santa 8000 once, but you can tweet about the contest as many times as you want for multiple entries.


For more details check out the rocking announcement video for the contest here

Infinite Santa 8000 is an online web series created by Michael Neel & Greg Ansin.  The web series tells the story of Santa in the year 8000, a time of mutants and nuclear destruction.  Santa is now a cyborg and has to fight to stay alive, as well as keep the spirit of Christmas going in a world without hope, filled with a wasteland of monsters. Check out the web series at 

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