Movie Outlaw Rides Again! And I hope he keeps riding or writing…

Movie Outlaw Rides Again! And I hope he keeps riding or writing…


By Tim Gross

 Movie Outlaw Rides again

Well mark it on your calendars folks Tim Gross has read another book. Yep, it doesn’t happen often as yinz know but when it does it is usually because Mike Watt has written another wonderful and interesting movie review book that is entertaining for all! Mr. Watt’s latest book “Movie Outlaw Rides Again!” from Happy Cloud Publishing once again tackles B-flicks, unknown gems, and films you just need to get your ass in gear to see. But also Mike has talented contributing writers who give a different view on certain films that gives you the reader another way or reason to watch the film they discuss or give it a rewatch? Mike goes to great length to track down information about the films but copies and the sometimes long history of the film itself. Yeah Mike can talk ‘film nerd’ but that is where he differs in his “Movie Outlaw” reviews. Mike Watt tells a story of the film without you feeling like he is talking down to you at all times and you don’t deserve to be on any level in this world with him as some writers/journalists do. I enjoy reading his books because you could be reading about “Head Office” on one page and next page Mike will be explaining the unknowns of “Comet Quest” or the terror of independent gem “The Redsin Tower”. I have said it before and I will say it again Mike Watt has hit his stride. His writing is entertaining, informative, and magnificent! His book makes you feel like you are a good friend just having a coffee with Mike discussing films. I give Mike’s “Movie Outlaw Rides Again!” book 4 out of 4 stars and can be purchased at: .

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