Help Bring “House of Oddities” to the Southside Works Cinema



As many of you know, last year I had the pleasure to work the folks who run Morose & Macabre’s Atrocity Exhibition on a feature length documentary that showcases the event as well as offers a peak behind the scenes at the performers/artists and how they work as a family to breathe life into the event each year.


Since the film had its initial screening at the Hollywood Theater back in November,  it has gone on to win a Best Director Award at the 1st annual Horror Realm Film Festival and place 2nd in the Documentary Competition at the 19th Indie Gathering in Cleveland, OH.  


We also have partnered up with, a theatrical on demand website that has the potential to give House of Oddities a national theatrical run.


I want to announce to you the very first of these screenings which will only happen with your support.  This screening will feature a brand new DCP transfer of the film at 2K resolution; the very same quality that Hollywood uses for its films.


Screening Info-


WHERE: South Side Works Cinema

               425 Cinema Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


WHEN:  October 8th at 7pm


TICKETS: $9- Must be purchased through event page- 


In order for this screening to happen 60 TICKETS MUST BE RESERVED BY SEPT 29th. So if you are unable to attend, please share this event with your friends, family, perfect strangers, basically anyone with ears and eyeballs.


You can find out more info about House of Oddities online at-



As always thank you for your time and support for my projects.  Let’s have on hell of a night on October 8th and get this film on the silver screen.




Brian Cottington

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