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Pig Pen

Hello! Welcome to the PIG PEN crowd funding page!

I am Jason Koch director of 7th Day and we have started this campaign to raise funds for our upcoming indie action thriller, “PIGPEN.” If you join us in producing this film, together we will go on a fun and exciting journey. Even though film making is hard work it’s filled with good times and memories that we want to share with you! By contributing to our perks we will get you involved in many aspects of our film making process!

We are looking to raise an additional ten thousand dollars to supplement our current budget. The money you donate will first go to feeding the crew! Second, donations will be used to pay for the cast and crew transportation and lodging expenses. Next, even with our two Black Magic 4k cameras already in hand and a lot of grip and electric in house. We will use donations to supplement our shoot with equipment and gear rentals. Off of our recent underground success with 7th Day and M is for Munging our team is back again!

With myself directing again and Mark Leake(7th Day, Mutantis) returning to script a story Clint Kelly(M is for Munging) and I wrote. Steve Rubac(7th Day)returns to camera along side John Grove(Elfman) to capture the action and violence. Of course Kaleigh Brown with Aftermath FX(7th Day, V/H/S 2, Return to Nukem High) return to bring new and innovative gore FX! Paul Joyce(7th Day, Father’s Day) is set to bring the music and tones to the project a long with a new crew of musicians! I can’t make these films with out my team and with everyone returning and great new additions you can trust that we will complete and deliver a shocking and beautiful project!

PIG PEN is the story of a thirteen year old runaway Zack played by up and coming indie actor Lucas Koch(Science Team, 7th Day, Witch’s Brew) Who is tormented by his mother’s abusive boyfriend Wayne, played by indie film powerhouse Vito Trigo(Return to Nukem High, Science Team) Wayne eventually forces Zack to live in the streets. Until a murder has the two face to face in a tale of bloodshed and revenge.

Check out our exciting perks now and donate!

Check out our production team’s work here:



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