Dual Visions Unveils the Official Artwork for The Divine Tragedies

“Your Death will be Beautiful”


Film production company Dual Visions has completed the official artwork for the serial killer fever dream The Divine Tragedies. The artwork shows a partially disguised character from the film. As well, this horrifying crime thriller is loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb murder case, in which two brothers murdered a young fourteen year old boy. This case shocked citizens of Chicago in 1924. Now, director Jose Prendes (The Haunting of Whaley House) is re-envisioning this case for a new audience. And, fans of the crime genre can preview more from the film here.


The official artwork shows a wounded young woman and rose petals. The blood reds highlight the darker elements of the film. Also, the tagline promises murder: “your death will be…beautiful.” But, who will be the first victim? Deep blues also contrast the lighter colours, with a butterfly symbolizing transformation. And, graphic artist Sasha Burrow and photographer Matt Shapira have designed this artwork to show the bloody nature of the film. This film is both bloody and strangely beautiful.


As an update, The Divine Tragedies has completed filming. Brothers and producers James and Jon Kondelik are hoping to release this title before audiences later this year as the film tours the film festival circuit. Fans of horror will have a chance to see some of the most famous faces in the genre on the big screen, including: Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Lynn Lowry (Cat People), Barbara Crampton (You’re Next) and Sean Whalen (People Under the Stairs). Fans will not have to wait long to see the film, with a World Premiere set to be announced shortly. Also, a trailer will be released soon and the clip will reveal more of the film’s haunting and tragic story. More details on the film are just a few short weeks away.


The official synopsis: The Divine Tragedies, based loosely on the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case, tells the tale of Charles Brubaker and his half-brother Thomas Lo Bianco, who concoct a deadly game to test their superior intelligence against the dimwitted masses. This game will eventually lead to murder. And when Genevieve, a beautiful single mother, enters their lives they finally find the perfect girl for their first kill. But problems arise when they quickly discover that Detective Homer Gaul (Ken Foree), a cop with a very special gift, is hot on their trail (Dual Visions).

Director: Jose Prendes.


Producers: Jon and James Kondelik.


Cast: Lynn Lowry, Ken Foree, Sean Whalen, Graham Denman and Jon Kondelik.


For more info on the film visit the film’s Facebook page:




Divine Tragedies

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