Don’t believe the hype. E v Lee is the real deal battle of the superheroes. That’s right, Elvis versus Liberace. But the twisteroo is… they’re stuck in the same body! Who will win? And what happens to the loser?


1999 horror/comedy Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein (resurrected November 2015) throws down the gauntlet and guarantees that the onscreen struggle between superstars Elvis and Liberace will make Batman v Superman look like a sad hissy fit between steroid-addicted superduds.


B-man v S-man may have Ben (“If it quacks like a duck”) Affleck and pretty boy Henry Cavill but Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein has… Well, it doesn’t matter who it has. R&R Frankenstein is cheaper, cheesier, more homo-erotic (sort of), definitely more offensive and has way more dingleberry references than Batman v Superman. So there!


A perfect treat for the kids, Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein is the pseudo cult film where dead rockers are stitched together to make a monster superstar, only to have things go haywire when Liberace’s manhood ends up in the mix – creating a schizo relationship with Elvis’ brain.


For more info about the Nov. 2015 re-release of Rock N’ Roll Frankenstein visit Alternative Cinema/ Camp Motion Pictures:


E v Lee promo video:

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