There may be a second reason you should visit Horror Realm…

Two words for you ED QUILLIN!

HR JUly 2015

The best artist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with. After a chance meeting at a rest stop in Ohio after a Cinema Wasteland show of where Ed buys a copy of my book we became friends and the rest is history as Ed becomes the official artist of Gross Movie Reviews. There is no one like Ed as he can capture and draw a picture of you in minutes. His unique style not only has brought fans to read my reviews but make horror movie fans huge fans of his artwork and his amazing ability to draw stuff on the spot! What makes Ed the best also is Ed is just a regular person like you and myself and will have a beer with you while drawing, cool stuff folks. So make sure you check out Ed and his artwork when you come to Horror Realm… if you don’t, you do not want to know the alternative as I am sure Frankenhooker, mash potatoes, and a fridge door may be sitting on your front porch waiting to kill you!

Here is some of his work:


Wrath of Gross B&W

Don Muggins

Big Ass cover

fridgeGarveyard GrossGross TasteGross Title Page

Gross Movie Reviews pic

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