Last of the original horror greats and a great wrestling icon may yinz rest in peace…

Most of the time I do not post something or comment on people dying too much because hell everybody does. Its the internet and everyone has a website, a blog, a podcast, etc., but this was a little different as in the past 24 hours I as many of yinz reading this have lost a horror great and wrestling icon and like me a piece of your childhood left you.


Christopher Lee was an amazing actor that finally seem to get noticed again when he showed up in the recent “Lord of the Rings” and “Stars Wars” films. To some he will be remembered as a great actor in the Hammer films, to some he will be remembered as one of the last great horror icons (Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee… Some would even place John Carradine in this group). He outlived them all to not only have a long career but go out on top as many, many new horror fans took notice of him in recent years as he started to make a lot of appearances in big films. But I will always remember him for this flick “Howling 2” as many horror geeks my age were introduced to him this way…


Dusty Rhodes was a wrestler that doesn’t fit the mold of what people call wrestlers today. But don’t let the appearance fool you as I have seen this dude wrestle one hour matches, barb wire matches, and legendary matches against the Four Horsemen of the 80s and early 90s.


He fought for the common man as he would state in his many promos. He was hilarious when he was an announcer on WCW Saturday Night or as he referred to it as the ‘mother ship’. Dusty had a bionic elbow! He seem to be the only wrestler that the Four Horsemen feared. And for some weird reason he fit right in with the Road Warriors when there was a six man tag match.



Dusty made you love watching wrestling. He made you get excited when he would face Ric Flair because anything went. But whatever it was he was just a very interesting figure in the wrestling business that seem to have bodybuilders taking over and if that wasn’t enough and you remember the early days of NWA TV you will remember him and Dick Murdoch tag teaming!


I wish both men to rest in peace as a small piece of my childhood also as I have followed both since I was very young. Both will be missed not only by me but millions of other horror, wrestling, and regular geeks around the world. Glad both of yinz made an impact on this world!


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