“Beware the Laughing Mask!”


Lake Mary, Florida – Director Michael Aguiar and Bravestarr Pictures have completed production on the horror feature The Laughing Mask. Now, this title will have its World Premiere in Lake Mary, Florida (AMStar Cinema 12), before showing in other locations. The film is a kidnapping feature by way of Angel Heart (1987), with the film’s killer influence by the Shape from John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). Horror fans can preview the film’s release here.


The film’s plot involves a tormented man, named Jake (John Hardy). Jake has already lost his wife, Jaycee (Inge Uys), to the Laughing Mask and his daughter has just been kidnapped. Jake must team up with a dogged detective, Kate O’Malley (Sheyenne Rivers), to track down this killer and confront him in his own twisted haunt.


The Laughing Mask continues to gain in popularity. The film’s original trailer, on Youtube received over three hundred thousand views. The interest from the horror community led to a short film being developed into a feature, after financing was secured. As well, the film’s latest teaser, released September 2014, has already garnered over one hundred thousand hits. Much of the film’s popularity is based on the quality of film. The Laughing Mask was shot with the Red Epic Camera in 4K digital. The high quality film can be seen in the latest clip, hosted below.


The film’s latest teaser is hosted here:




More stills from the film can be downloaded here:




Release Date: October 31st (World Premiere) and TBA (Wider Release).


Director: Michael Aguiar.


Cast: Fran Rafferty, Inge Uys, Gabriel Lee, Sheyenne Rivers, Thomas Noel Smith and Matt Ganey.


More on the film is available here: https://www.facebook.com/TheLaughingMask 


*the director would like to invite readers to be part of the film. Aguiar, along with the cast, are available for interviews. From the cast, Sheynne Rivers, Gabriel Lee, Jeffrey Jenkins and John Hardy are available to talk with editors.


The Laughing Mask

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