We don’t just give you one podcast but two this week as we celebrate Spookies and our first year of the podcast!

Episode 50

EPISODE 50 the 1 year anniversary / JSB’s birthday SPOOK-A-PALOOZA!

Full length commentary for SPOOKIES! Featuring JSB, Tim, and fellow Spookies lover Parker Bowman from the junk food dinner podcast.

Also interviews with cast & crew members Anthony Valbiro and Al Magliochetti.



This week we are joined by friend of the podcast, owner and operator of the AMD podcast, and all around good guy Jon Cross again. This week we discuss 3 more fine films (which turn out to be just average). Also we banter about the Slumber Party Massacre film, Die Hard 5, John Carpenter’s ambiguous ending to his masterpiece The Thing, more plot lines to JSB’s dream film RAPEWAGON!, films we love that everyone else thinks sucks, the pointlessness of the film awards shows, weird ice cream flavors, Barbara Crampton, Saturday Night Lives, and SPADER-BABIES!!!! So check us out or bad things are about to ensue.



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