Christine Soltis “Reclusive 2038” now available





In this fiction work, imagine a future world as it reaches depletion of natural resources. The majority of the world lives in gated ‘safe communities.’ Advanced technology occupies the time of those who once played outside. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Reclusive 2038.

Daylight hours are restricted, forcing people to become reclusive. Within this tale, regulatory measures have been taken to sustain natural capital from depletion. A single corporation houses, feeds and works the people, supplying them their daily needs. When main character Linda Taggart’s depressed brother ends his life, he leaves behind strange diagrams with no explanation. Through a chance encounter, Linda leaves her gated life to live in the chaotic world with the wealthy ones outside of the gates, known as Elitists. Here, she cracks the code of the strange diagrams just as she realizes how restricted she once was.

Literary classics such as Brave New World and 1984 oftentimes featured a fearful world disconnected from our present life by extreme changes set in the future. Reclusive 2038 is a haunting depiction of a restricted future, which is relevant to the tastes of today in the age of environmental disaster and awareness.



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