Full Moon Greeting Cards available NOW for the Holidays!



Happy Holidays from FullMoonDirect.com! For the first time ever, Full Moon is offering holiday greeting cards! A set of 20 custom cards is only $25! Give them to your friends. (And keep one for yourself!)

If you order by Monday, Dec. 17th, we’ll guarantee their arrival before Christmas, Dec. 25th!

If you order today, they will arrive sooner!!!

Order 4 boxes ($100 total for 80 cards) and get a personalized Christmas card from Charles Band as a free gift! Tell us the first name or nickname you’d like on your card… Charles Band could send you a card for the holidays! Or even more special… give this personalized gift to a loved one! It makes a great gift and a dream come true for many Full Moon fans.

Each box contains 20 of the same amazing, custom designed Full Moon greeting cards and features:


-Eebee from Evil Bong


-Ooga Booga, who was also in Doll Graveyard




-Grizzly Teddy from Demonic Toys


-Leech Woman from Puppet Master


-Jester from Puppet Master


-Baby Oopsie Daisy  from Demonic Toys


-Six Shooter from Puppet Master


-The Mech Warrior from Crash and Burn


-Torch from Puppet Master


-Mr. Static  from Demonic Toys


-The minions from Subspecies


-Pinhead from Puppet Master


-and the Killer Eye!!!

If you really want to be generous and show your loved one some extra Full Moon love, give the GIFT of Full Moon with a gift card!

And check out all the new items recently released!

Happy Holidays from www.FullMoonDirect.com !


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