Depression Comes to Dormont!

Come one, come all, this should be an awesome event! Plus I have to take pictures of the event for the man, the myth, the legend himself Jeff “mother fucker made the best TCM sequel” Burr! See yinz there!


Depression Comes to Dormont!

Friday at 7:30pm

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Join us on Friday, December 7th, as the Hollywood Theater in Dormont presents an evening of independent film and shameless schadenfreude!* First, it’s the Pittsburgh area premiere of Depression: The Movie, the offbeat new comedy from indie auteur Henrique Couto. Then, it’s a rare big-screen showing of director Jeff Burr’s cult favorite, Eddie Presley.


Depression: The Movie tells the story of four hapless characters existing in a world that refuses to cut them any slack. Lenny is in love with just about ev

ery woman he’s met. Bruce’s father is destroying his life by doing nothing. Bill wants to figure out how to love again after his divorce. George wants to prove she isn’t a giant screwup by babysitting for her successful older sister. Watch as they wade through life’s disasters, struggling to get past their biggest obstacles: themselves. Pain, sadness, hilarity, personal growth, and fart jokes aplenty!


Eddie Presley is a down-on-his-luck ex-Elvis impersonator. With his days of former glory performing in small to medium-sized clubs behind him, he’s stuck in a dead-end security job, barely making enough to live out of his van. But Eddie’s luck is about to change when he’s offered a comeback gig at a seedy Hollywood nightclub…until he has a breakdown on stage and gives the audience a powerful, improvised performance they’ll not soon forget. A bittersweet drama about life at the bottom of the entertainment food chain.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh again…and you’ll do it all at the misfortune of others! Doors at 7:30, first feature at 8:00 PM, followed by a brief Q&A with director Henrique Couto. Second feature will start at 9:45 (or thereabouts). Only $10 for two great films!

*Schadenfreude (shä-dən-frȯi-də) noun: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others. German, from Schaden (damage) + Freude (joy).


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