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On July 19, Midnight Syndicate will release it’s sixteenth studio album, Monsters of Legend.  This “tribute to the golden age of horror” will feature sweeping symphonic horror instrumental music and sound effects in the signature style the band pioneered. “We want to make you feel like you are a character in one of those classic horror films – that you’ve entered a world where any one of the iconic characters from the Universal Horror and Hammer Films could be right around the corner,” said composer Edward Douglas.


The CD artwork features original images from classic Universal Studios horror movies including Frankenstein, Werewolf of London, and Dracula.  “Listeners will hear the influence of the Universal Monster, Hammer, and Euro Horror films from the 30s through the 70s, not only in the music but in the images the songs conjure,” added Gavin Goszka.  Although the band promises the new disc will deliver the dark atmosphere haunted attractions, roleplaying gamers, and Halloween enthusiasts expect from them, they feel they’ve crafted a disc that transcends their favorite time of the year.   “As we did on Carnival Arcane, we’re always trying to take things up a notch both musically and with the sound design.  There is a lot going on in this one.   Plenty to pull you in, spark your imagination, and keep hold of you anytime you’re looking to visit that mysterious place in your mind’s eye.”


The CD will be available for pre-order the first week in July.  In addition to other new merchandise, Entity Productions Halloween Music will be releasing a special edition 12″ vinyl version of the Monsters of Legend album, hand-numbered and limited to 250 copies.


Gross Movie Reviews #294


Gross Movie Reviews #294


By Tim Gross


Eve of Destruction (DVD) – Many forget movies like this from the 90s, I do not! It’s a 1991 film starring Gregory Hines as a special armed forces agent who takes his work serious. He’s been called in on a unique situation that has him looking for a cyborg woman whose programming has gone haywire. With the help of the scientist that built her Mr. Hines comes to find out the cyborg is a walking nuclear bomb that will take out possibly millions. The cyborg’s only weak point is her eyes. It’s not a film you’ll find on anybody’s top 100 lists but it is worth revisiting just for the mere reason of Gregory Hines and wonder what the hell he was thinking… But anyhow I give the flick 2 ½ stars.


Wolfen (DVD) – An underrated flick about a possible werewolf or shape-shifter eating popular New Yorkers or at least the people who have connections to destroying the slum buildings in an old part of the city. The film has a few scenes of gore as a detective is brought into the investigation of the murder spree when there aren’t any answers or real clues to why. The detective dives head first into the investigation only to understand this isn’t your run of the mill killings. With the help of coroner Gregory Hines and an animal expert and tree hugging weirdo Tom Noonan the detective believes he could be chasing a werewolf or a shape-shifter as the local Native American population believes. Most horror fans forget as ‘The Howling’ and ‘American Werewolf in London’ were on the big screen about the same time and overshadowed the film. ‘Wolfen’ wasn’t as good as those popular werewolf films but definitely brought a twist to the popular horror character. I give the film 2 ½ stars.


It Came From Beneath the Sea (DVD) – Its four years later after ‘The Thing from another World’ and Kenneth Tobey is busy trying to impress another young lady as the world is in terror because of a giant octopus fucking up boats and beaches. It’s a fun mid 50s film that is about mutations and what terror they can bring or just blame it all on the H-bomb. I give the film 3 stars.


Nightmare in Wax (DVD) – A deliciously psychedelic horror film about a special effects man who was scarred by his former boss Max Black when he was about to marry Paragon Studios favorite actress. With one eye and pissed at Max Black our killer now works with wax or so you think as his creations look so life like because they are. The horror film inspired several others over the years including 1988s ‘Waxwork’. It is a horror film that will have you the viewer agreeing with the former special effects man and him seeking for revenge along the way. This is the type of film that your dad or mum would allow you to watch when you were a kid to gage if you were easily scared or not. We are talking local horror host midnight screening days which lacks these days with all the channels and technology we have these days. I give it 3 stars.


Gorgon Video Magazine Volume One and Two (DVD-R) – Another late 80s creation for horror nerds like me that existed for a brief time but for one reason or another never continued… This is another great series or would be series that is jam packed with interviews, clips of horror films, and tips on how to make fake blood. They all have their own charm and all are very cool to watch to see where those who were in the video magazine are at now? Wanna go down memory lane then get your ass to YouTube or a horror convention as this is starting to pop up in the most random places. I give it 4 stars.


A Good Day to Die Hard (Blu-ray) – I always has enjoyed the people who just tear apart the latest ‘Die Hard’ sequel. Hell, I don’t like the third but that never stopped me from watching it like ‘Outlaw Josey Wales’ every time it pops up on the random basic cable channel. The point is its fucking John McClaine and you know what you get in a ‘Die Hard’ film and usually doesn’t disappoint. But people still rag on it like its Michael Dudikoff trying to get ‘American Ninja part 6’ off the ground? Well, fuck them! Because I am here to say once again to go buy it, go rent it, go enjoy a great kick ass action film starring Bruce Willis. This time around John’s son Jack is in Russia and has just gotten out of jail after a huge explosion set him free along with a Russian mob boss who was going to come clean. Of course people want this information and John McClaine just happens to be in the neighborhood to find out about his son and fuck the bad guys up as usual! Get pass some of the computer effects, crack open a beer, and enjoy John McClaine kicking ass in Russia… Chernobyl style! I give it 3 ½ stars.


Axe Giant (DVD/SyFy Channel) – I can’t get enough of random giant CGI monster flicks from this channel but this isn’t any ordinary CGI monster flick from SyFy… Its mother fucking Paul Bunyan and he is a mutant child that people shunned back in the late 1890s after his ass got mid-evil on Grizzly Adams and his clan when they ate his only friend, a blue ox named “Babe”. And the shit went fucking global as soon as B-film star Joe Estevez showed up doing his best imitation of Crazy Ralph! All in all the film is filled with lots of cheese, CGI, and lack of real blood but I will always support a horror film produced by Robert Kurtzman and the music is done by Midnight Syndicate. I give the film 2 stars for being a fun mess of a horror film.


Sledgehammer (DVD) – In 1983 filmmaker David A. Prior had a vision of making a really low budget film. Not having much money and shooting on 35mm or even 16mm can be expensive he decided to try an untested format: Video! Before we had Jon McBride and Tim Ritter there was David A. Prior which I will be honest didn’t know about him or the film until many years later. But Mr. Prior accomplished a filmmaking career because of this new venture in 1983/1984. The film is a very rough around the edges with some mistakes made slasher film. But that is what gives this oddball shot on video horror film its charm. ‘Sledgehammer’ has the hilarious girlfriend/boyfriend montage to fill in time, a food fight that has a character use the phrase “Jagoff” not once but twice, music playing from a 45 player (that’s a record player for the young-ins), slow motion sex scene, slow motion confrontation with the killer, a fake séance to contact the killer, and awesome 80s independent shot on video boobs! And did I mention the killer maybe a ghost or maybe not, it’s never really explained. Mr. Prior may have not made the best shot on video horror flick but he did make one hell of a film to watch with a room full of horror nerds. The DVD has a couple commentaries that were recently done (2011) and an interview with filmmaker David A. Prior explaining the film and how it came to be. I give this wonderful piece of film history 2 ½ stars. Enjoy it for what it is horror fans…


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Official Artwork for Armynel!


                Armynel, starring Danielle DiLorenzo (2010 Survivor contestant) will be released on DVD July 16th, 2013.

About the Film

Director Lance Dumais takes us on a multi-layered thrill ride into the dark recesses of the mind. The killings begin after a woman falls victim to her own dark past. In order to stop the madness, she must do what needs to be done…


For Savannah, a personal assistant at a law office struggling with a dark secret, bad dreams soon become nightmares and then progress to hallucinations. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and decides to tell her girlfriend Felicia. Felicia tries to help by introducing her to psychiatrist Doctor Dale. As she begins her hypnosis therapy sessions and her dark secrets come to light, tragedies begin happening around Savannah and all the signs point to her being the suspect.



For more information or additional press materials please contact:

Jeff Miller


Gross Movie Reviews gets to chat with the EAST COAST HORROR GROUP VHS PANEL!!!


The EAST COAST HORROR GROUP is joined by a panel of VHS experts. Ken from Cinema Wasteland, 42nd Street Pete, Ed Demko from Cult Magazine and Tim Gross from talk all things VHS. From the early days, to the death of VHS and finally the resurgence of the VHS collector. Listen in and track the life cycle of the media that brought the movies from the silver screen to your living room. Enjoy!



Episode 69 is finally up!




This week JSB and Tim are joined by good dude, and friend of the show Jon Cross a.k.a. host of the after movie diner podcast.  This episode is a doozy as we unleash hell on a multitude of topics such as cool stuff from Australia, Jon’s vast knowledge of all sorts of sub genres of porn, we invent the most bad ass British holiday anyone has ever imagined, A-Team survival tactics, and JSB watches a documentary about a guy who was fucked to death by a horse.  So check it out.

In short film news…



Wes Benscoter Presents:



Winner of the Fantasia Film Festival’s Award for
Best Live-Action Short Film!


TWITCH FILM proudly presents the
online premiere of artist-turned-filmmaker Wes Benscoter’s debut short film,
HOLD YOUR FIRE, exclusively at Twitch Film and online now!

A ghostly soldier comes face to face with this grim reality of his war-torn existence on the battlefield… and beyond!

Assaulting international audiences at festivals from Montreal’s Fantasia to Sitges, Fantasporto, A Night of Horror, and Dead by Dawn, to sending domestic shivers up spines at Screamfest, Boston Underground, and the New York City Horror Film Festival, Twitch Film now takes the mantle in offering Wes Benscoter’s mini-masterpiece to its largest audience ever.

A twenty-year veteran of horrific illustration, Benscoter established his reputation with artwork for Slayer and Black Sabbath, and more extreme acts like Cattle Decapitation. He’s also well-known for the DVD and Blu-ray cover art he’s created for Synapse Films, Dark Sky Films, and more, including such classic treatments as THRILLER: A CRUEL STORY,  THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, and the upcoming steelbooks for Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS and DEMONS 2.

On the film’s creation, Benscoter explains: “Shot in HD over many long, fog-shrouded weekends,
I became an expert in predicting the dew-points needed for a foggy morning. I think the film is definitely of its era, and also timeless. I now think of HOLD YOUR FIRE as my ERASERHEAD. If I’m lucky the next film will be my BLUE VELVET.”

Dread Central’s praise during their time at the Fantasia elicits even more stark comparisons: “The most impressive thing we’ve seen is actually and eight-minute short by artist Wes Benscoter. Titled HOLD YOUR FIRE, the grim anti-war film depicting the isolation and horror of a four-limb amputee is genuinely disconcerting and oddly beautiful. Here’s hoping some of the upcoming features are at least this good.”




For more of Wes Benscoter’s chilling artwork: WES BENSCOTER

To view the film, click here: HOLD YOUR FIRE

Directed, Produced, and Written by:  Wes Benscoter

Run Time:  8 minutes
Aspect Ratio:  Widescreen 1.78:1

Wes Benscoter


Midnight Releasing Joins Forces with Fear Fete as Exclusive Horror Feature Distribution Partner


Fear Fete, the country’s premiere film festival for showcasing indie horror flicks, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with film distributor Midnight Releasing ( The deal makes the company Fear Fete’s exclusive Distribution Partner for feature film submissions.

With expansive work in North America, Midnight Releasing has promoted and released dozens of independent horror and thriller films into the DVD and VOD markets.

“We’re very pleased to announce this partnership. The involvement of Midnight Releasing with Fear Fete gives our indie filmmakers the opportunity to have their films acquired and distributed by an outstanding company that specializes in the horror genre,” stated Fear Fete Executive Director Derek Morris.

The company’s involvement with the festival means all feature length submissions will be reviewed for possible acquisition/distribution deals in at least the VOD format (Cable and Internet VOD). In addition to that, the winner of Fear Fete’s Best Feature Film award will be entitled to a full-service distribution offer that includes a North American DVD and VOD release, along with International Sales.

“Midnight Releasing is excited to team up with Fear Fete and offer distribution consideration to the festival’s top films. As a distributor we’re always seeking quality films to release, and with this arrangement we get to see the best of the best from indie filmmakers who might not otherwise know about us or how to get their film distributed,” stated Reese Lester, Media & Technology Director at Midnight Releasing. “We’re also excited to help promote and grow Fear Fete to become a staple festival for horror filmmakers.”

Just some of the films Midnight Releasing has worked with include The Afflicted (psychological thriller that won Best Feature Film at the 2012 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival), Alabama-based slasher Hayride, comedy/horror mashup All American Zombie Drugs and many more.

Now in its third year, the 2013 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival will be held October 18th through 20th in D’Iberville, Mississippi at The Grand 18 theatre. For more information, please visit:




Press Contact:

Reese Lester

(480) 966-4070 x16




Midnight Releasing